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      Carpet Cleaning Wealdstone has an excellent cleaning crew. They did a terrific job at my rental property, and I have hired them regularly. Most definitely one of the best cleaning services in the area.
Illeana H.21/05/2020
     This company always does an amazing spring cleaning for me. I am always happy.
     WealdstoneCarpetCleaners are out office cleaners and they're the best we've ever had. And far cheaper than most other services.
Matt Colarde10/06/2019
     First of all, I had never had to hire a cleaning agency before, but I remained sceptical about what Carpet Cleaning Wealdstone could do for me until I got around to actually using their services. Their team came over and got to work right away, splitting the apartment into different areas and tasks. It took them less than an hour to beat the mess I had, great work.
Theresa Clark28/09/2016
     Hiring WealdstoneCarpetCleaners was definitely one of the best things I have done! They come on time, work quickly and diligently through the hour and leave my home in a great condition. I could even go so far as to swear that not even I could do a better job! Unlike the other cleaners that I have had before, I don't have to remind them to clean this space or that, they work through every surface and crevice in my house diligently.

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